0.01 Condoms 10-Pack
0.01 Condoms 10-Pack
0.01 Condoms 10-Pack
0.01 Condoms 10-Pack

0.01 Condoms 10-Pack

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Invisible ultra-thin, super lubricated, feel the real body feeling. As if naked without a condom, slowly slide through the private place, feeling every contraction and tremor.

Name:0.01 Condom
Composition: natural latex
Model: Super thin(Untextured), G-spot particle(Textured)
Specifications: 10 packs (square pack)
Width: 52mm
Length: ≥160mm
Shelf life: 5 years
Features: Ultra-thin lubrication

In natural latex, 0.01 condoms should not be used by people with latex sensitivities. Never use an oil or petroleum based lubricant with this or any other latex condom. Please read directions carefully.


Instructions for use:
1. Tear open the package and take out the condom
2. Put on a condom and expel the air from the seminal vesicle
3. Extend the condom to the end of the penis
4. Remove after ejaculation

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